Leadership Ascent

Leadership Coaching for Individuals & Teams

For leaders or teams transitioning to new challenges, or seeking to continue their leadership journey.

For the highest impact leadership development, Leadership Ascent has extensive experience offering individual and team coaching that lifts participants to higher levels of performance.

Individual Coaching
Every developing leader has unique perspective and challenges, so our coaching is customized to support each leader’s specific needs. After years of experience we have developed three specialty areas.

Leadership coaching
An ever-present base-camp that supports your long-term advancement. Includes goal setting, comprehensive assessment, development planning, and ongoing coaching to ensure continuity and enhance effectiveness.

Challenge coaching
A leadership veteran that stands with you as you overcome isolated issues and challenges. Includes focused assessment, feedback, and development planning.

Transition coaching
As the Sherpa knows every route up the mountain; our transition coaching helps you to discover your best path forward in life or your career. Includes values, interests and aspirations clarification, creation of vision, and action plan development.

Team Coaching
Whether climbing mountains or the corporate ladder, the team you bring with you on your journey has as much to do with your success as your own skills. Our team coaches assess culture and performance, create team development plans, and conduct ongoing team development sessions to help every member move the group forward. Team coaching is an effective addition to individual leadership or challenge coaching, accelerating the rate of growth for individuals and the organization.

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